On the set for the first music video of Shaï Sebbag

I am working on the beautiful images captured on the set of the first music video of a friend of mine, Shaï Sebbag   We went to the Fontainebleau forest, near to the famous castle, and few days later in a old fashioned photo studio near Paris to realize this […]

Student Again ! Internship in the famous Louis Lumière school this fall

Two years ago I was filmng the shooting of the movie « 20 ans d’écart » poster, directed by David Moreau, with Virginie Efira and Pierre Niney in the brand new « Cité du Cinéma » and in this great studio inside the famous french cinema school « Louis Lumière »… And I wondered how it would […]

A small shooting at the seaside

Few days ago, we were with a small film crewin Normandy, shooting  a corporate film for the Colgate-Palmolive group.   What better way to enjoy spring than spending a day at the beach in the company of our model Senta Schnabl, and push to the maximum the possibilities of my favorite […]

1st Exhibition for « Out of Stage Project »

I am glad to invite everybody who loves contemporary dance and all about the mouvement in photography, to the first exhibition of « Out of Stage Project » the 16th December 2014 in café Craft, 24 Rue des Vinaigriers, 75010, Paris. – 19h00   The project began in 2011 when we took […]

A new music video

And here we are at the Cité du Cinema, the Luc Besson’s / EuropaCorp studios near Paris, for shooting a pretty fun music video for a French rapper. The HUGE size of this studio is almost intimidating, and the « big » blackmagic URSA camera seems to be ridiculously small. The 600m2 […]

Director of photography on a mini-serie for Natixis

This is my next project as director of photography with my friend, the director Alessandro Spagnoli. 6 days of hard work, but a lot of fun too, thanks to the great actors Nicolas Ullmann, James Ferrux and Jeanne Chartier ! Now we are in post production but stay tuned for the […]

A very pleasant way to work…

Sometimes our work is truly amazing … Few days ago, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Saint-Malo in Bretagne, to film the boat « Le conservateur »  of the skipper Yannick Bestaven. Thank you to Gunsmoke agency and Clement Magnin for this exciting opportunity

A big spot, a giant umbrella, and a very nice shooting

Few days ago we improvised a shooting in a very interesting spot near Paris. This old building of Pathé cinema studios really inspired us! It was a great opportunity to test my new giant 2,20m umbrella Westcott. Thank you to Mary, the model, Laura Westermeyer, the make up and hair artist […]

D.O.P on Bête à concours

This is my first serious project as Director of photography in a fiction project. The short movie is directed by Christophe Sailly. You can watch the final result here :  Bête à concours

François Cluzet, Ludivine Sagnier

I had the great pleasure to meet them during the making of the recording voices for the animation movie « Un Monstre à Paris » directed by Bibo Bergeron for EuropaCorp.