1st Exhibition for « Out of Stage Project »

I am glad to invite everybody who loves contemporary dance and all about the mouvement in photography, to the first exhibition of « Out of Stage Project » the 16th December 2014 in café Craft, 24 Rue des Vinaigriers, 75010, Paris. – 19h00


The project began in 2011 when we took few pictures just for fun around the Louvre with my friend Allister Madin, dancer in the ballet of Opéra de Paris. From then, a lot of different professional dancers from famous companies participated in incredible locations in cities like, Bordeaux, Sofia, Amsterdam, The Hague, Varna… I try to represent the dancers in way that you can’t see them on stage, with amazing backgrounds in the nature or destroyed factories, but always with a special « fashion look » light and in black in white.


Check out this press release on « Les chroniques d’un petit rat parisien » : Out of Stage Project – Rencontre avec Deyan Parouchev


This is just a beginning, during 2015 I hope create a short movie/video art to illustrate the project  but in motion ! Stay tuned.



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