My Name is Deyan Parouchev

Born in Bulgaria in 1982 in an artistic family, son of painters, live in France since 1991. Rich of two different cultures and operating in several kinds of artistic spheres. Movie director, director of photography and photographer, I founded my own company in 2008.

I chose to turn towards the applied arts and graduated from Créapole ESDI in visual communication and creative advertising. After a short experience in an advertising agency, I entered in the cinema & video post-production as artistic director.

I am passionate about photography since the age of nine, when my parents offered my first 35mm SLR and it influenced immediately a new way to express myself trough the prism of the camera. Fiction movies, documentaries, advertising and music videos are my favorite areas, I try constantly to bring my sensitivity and art legacy into my projects. I also love to work in other genres such as video art and experimental projects.

Thanks to my 15 years experience I can handle as well post production such as editing and color grading. My projects have been shown at numerous festivals around the world and on TV channels, and have been presented in museums such as the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and the Museum modern Art in Moscow.

In 2012 I created the contemporary art foundation « Yordan Parushev » which manages my parents works and to create initiatives such as contemporary art contest for young artists in Bulgaria.


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They trusted me : 

Google, Warner Classics, TBWA for Audi & Volkswagen, EuropaCorp, Opéra national de Paris, ARTKING Production, J. Blanch Production, ARTE, M6, Mc Donalds, L’Oréal, Helena Rubinstein, PASQAL, Colgate-Palmolive, BNP Paribas, La Banque Postale, Natixis, Opcalia, Samsung, O’Neill, Ministry of Education, French Parliament, P.I.W!, Universal Music, EMI Records, Happy End, DAJM, Rayvaks, Musée Olympique de Lausanne, Essilor, Atelier Voisin, Tribvn, Adie…




Director / Cinematographer :


Maxence Cyrin, Candle, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Philippe Jaroussky, Traetta: L’Olimpiade: « Gemo in un punto e fremo », Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Maxence Cyrin, Springsong, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Pierre Génisson, Mozart: Clarinet Concerto, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Philippe Jaroussky, Ferrandini: Il Siroe: « Gelido in ogni vena », Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Maxence Cyrin, Comète, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Pierre Génisson, Mozart: Requiem, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Philippe Jaroussky, Gluck: Il re pastore: « Sol può dir come si trova », Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

The King’s Singers, Can you feel the love tonight, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Eric Whitacre, Sainte Chapelle – Paris Choral Society, Music video for Chronos Production (DOP)


Abel, Directed by Petya Atanasova (short documentary) (DOP)

Str1d3, Co-directed by Elsa Godard (short movie) (Director & DOP)

Solace, Choreography and dance by Stephanie Handjiiska (dance video) (Director & DOP)

Jean-Jacques Annaud: Cinema Lesson, Directed by Georgi Toshev (short documentary – bTV) (DOP)

Kim Bernard plays Ravel, le tombeau de Couperin, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Bertrand Chamayou plays Messiaen, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Maxence Cyrin, Rivages, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

How to hack a democracy, directed by Virgile Fraisse (DOP)


Once of found, Choreography by Pedro Lozano Gomez (dance video) (Director&DOP)

Philippe Jaroussky & Thibaut Garcia: Manha de carnaval, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP) Nominated for best music video of the year by Opus Klassik

Philippe Jaroussky & Thibaut Garcia: In Darkness let me dwell, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Lea Dessandre & Cecilia Bartoli, Mitilene, regina delle amazzoni, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Renaud Capuçon plays Avro Part, Spiegel im Spiegel, Music video for Warner Classics (Director & DOP)

Silencio, Dance video, choreography and dance by Allister Madin and Ruben Molina (Director & DOP)

Maryna Eden Paris, commercial video (Director & DOP)


Juste un regard, Directed by Christopher Poulain (short movie) (DOP)

Paradise, for the band Electric Pyramid, produced by Jim Beach (music video) (Director & DOP)

Pardon, directed by Rositsa Trayanova, (short movie) (DOP)


Timeless Beauty, 85mn documentary, Produced  by Artking & Alien Production (Director & DOP)

If by Rudyard Kipling, with Allister Madin (Director & DOP)

Novalis, directed by Qing Piao (video art project) (DOP)

Algerian’s Flowers, directed by Rositsa Trayanova, (short movie) (DOP)

Interstellaire, by Shaï Sebbag (music video) (director & DOP)


Espoir Orphelin, Directed by Guillaume Dallaporta (short movie) (DOP)

Trompe-la-Mort, making of the creation of a new opera – Opéra National de Paris (director & DOP)

Chaussée aux moines (commercial) (director & DOP)

Soir de fête, Directed by Vasken Toranian (2nd camera unit, short movie)


Le Blanc sur la comète, Directed by Christophe Sailly (short movie) (DOP)

Out of Stage project, (video art) (director & DOP)

Iphigénie en Tauride, Directed by Denis Guéguin (music) (DOP)

Anne de Lafforest 2017, Directed by Charlotte Studio (commercial) (DOP)

Le chapon, Directed by Thibaud Cartigny (short movie) (DOP)

Why women ? (commercial) (director & DOP)

L’heure exquise (music video) (director & DOP)

Hours passed by, Directed by Jérémie Levypon (short movie) (DOP)


Garde à vue (Short movie) DOP : Philippe Bovar) (director)

Downy (commercial), 1st winner in worldwide commercial video contest (director & DOP)

Imaginary Zones, Directed by Iglika Christova (video art) (DOP)

Into the wild (music video) (director & DOP)


Ire (music video) (director & DOP)

Stomy Bugsy – Mama Caillera, Directed By Jérémie Levypon (music video) (DOP)

The Manager – Natixis, Directed by Allesandro Spagnoli (mini serie) (DOP)

Shadow of Memories, Directed by Marina Andreeva (fashion) (DOP)

Second skin, Directed by Ralitsa Marak (fashion) (DOP)


Lola, Directed by Clément Magnin (short movie) (DOP)

Adie, Directed by Igal Cohen (commercial) (DOP)


Bête à concours, Directed by Christophe Sailly (short movie) (DOP)

Repetto (fake commercial) (director & DOP)


Cinematography of time, Directed by Deyan Parouchev & Nikola Mihov (video art, acquisition of the Bulgaria National Gallery, Video Art foundation Award, Germany)

Selective Participations in Festivals :


POP Women Film Festival


Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)

Sofia International Film Fest (Sofia IFF)


Guangzhou International Documentary Festival (GZDOC)

Tallinn Black Nights Festival (PÖFF)

Near Nazareth Film Festival (NNF)


Month of photography, Sofia, Bulgaria

VIF Festival, Vincennes, France


Festival du Film Emergeant de Cavaillon


Future Shorts screaning during Internation Sofia Film Fest
4th Edition of Bahrain’s festival ‘Lunar Fest’
Digital Graffiti Festival, Alys Beach 2010, Florida (USA)


Zero budget festival, Wroclaw (Poland)
Pantheon International Xperimental (Greece) Film and Animation Festival 0.9 (Cyprus)
FEST International Film Festival 2009 (Portugal)
Synch Festival 2009 (Greece)
Future Shorts best of 2008 – Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)


Strange Screen Festival – museum of contemporary art Thessaloniki (Greece)
Filmini 2.0 – International Short Film Festival, Sofia (Bulgaria)
Paris Tout Court – 6th International Short Film festival, Paris (France)
Festival Miden – Contemporary video art screenings Kalamata, Greece
In the Place – 6th International Short Film festival, Baltchik (Bulgaria)
Future Shorts – international film label, Sofia (Bulgaria)
Himeiji short film festival (Japan)
Puzzle – contemporary art festival, Burgas (Bulgaria)


Image BG contest, broadcasting on Sofia Airport
Pleiades Film Festival 2007 – Paris. London, Milano, San Francisco, Tokyo, Yokohama, Sofia.
Video Instalation – Biennial PHODAR, Pleven (Bulgaria)
Short Film Review – Sfumato Theatre, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Exhibitions :


Out of Stage Project – « Gifted » gallery , Sofia, Bulgaria

« Works of art from Bulgaria », Exhibition for the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Union, Brussel, Belgium


Out of Stage Project – Bulgarian month of photography, « +Tova » gallery , Sofia, Bulgaria

Out of Stage Project – Vif Festival, Vincennes


Imaginary Zones – Splendens Gallery, Paris


Out of Stage Project – Café Craft, Paris


New acquisitions of the Bulgarian National Gallery


Video Art Fondation – Movies and Stills, Rodemark, Germany
Broadcasted on video art channel « Souvenirs from Earth » and in Palais de Tokyo
« Pouvoir d’achat », galerie Le Cube Blanc 75001 Paris


13th biennial for youth artists from Europe, Bari (Italia)
Moscow International biennial for young art, Museum for modern art, Moscow (Russia)
Best fashion photographers, PHOTO magazine exhibition, Transphotographiques de Lille


“Expo photo” Bulgarian Cultural Center – Paris
“Canon-Image of the year 2006” – National Art Gallery–Sofia

Awards / Nomination :


Nominated for best music videoo of the year, Opus Klassik, Germany


Finalist of VIF Festival, Vincennes, France


1st winner of the international contest for advertising video for Downy/Lenor organised by Eyeka


“Coup de Coeur SFR jeunes talents”


Hasselblad Masters 2010, up and coming talent semi-finalist
Video Art foundation Award, Germany


Finalist of the young fashion photography contest PICTO


Finalist of the international contest PHOTO magazine


Pleiades Film Festival 2007 , Price of the Public, Sofia
Finalist of “Pixel Creation” contest – Paris
Diploma and Special Prize of Profiled NIKON – International Biennial
PHODAR – Pleven – Bulgaria
1st Prize – category “short film” – national campaign “Bulgaria Part of the
European Puzzle “ – Sofia – Bulgaria
Sony Award – Photo Salon Nessebar 2007 – Bulgaria
Finalist of the international photo contest ,,PHOTO’’ magazine – Paris


Honourable mention at the International Photography Awards (NY, US)

Fashion photography publications (selective) :


‘AMICA’ july 2015 (4 pages)


‘AMICA’ august 2013 (6 pages)


‘Intro’ april 2010 (12 pages)
‘Beauty and coiffure’
‘JOY’ january and february 2010 issues
‘PHOTO’ january 2010 (full page / France)
‘Le Bonbon’ 7 covers, 2010 issues


Réponse Photo – portrait of Nikola Mihov
Covers of ‘Le Bonbon’ issues 10/09, 11/09, 12/09
‘ELLE’ november 2009 (Bulgaria)
‘Za Jenata Dnes’ bulgarian magazine / August 2009
‘JOY’ august 2009
‘Za Jenata Dnes’ bulgarian magazine / May and June 2009


‘Liberation’ french major newspaper (interview of DJ’s Julien and Gonzague)
‘What ?’ David Vendetta interview
‘White Night Magazine’ Julien & Gonzague interview
‘India Power’ council of power utilities
‘PHOTO’ magazine, fashion category – Paris


‘Za Horata’ portrait of Nikola Mihov
‘1 Magazine’ (‘Spisanie 1’) Lifestyle bulgarian magazine
‘PHOTO’ magazine
‘Slivenski Novini’ news paper, 2 pages interview, 15 pictures


TV Broadcasting

BBC News Worldwide, Canal +, TF1, BFM TV, France Television, W9, TF1, Souvenirs from Earth (Europe), MTV (Italy), ABC News (USA), Once TV (mexico), BNT, BTV, MM TV, TV Europe (Bulgaria)