Student Again ! Internship in the famous Louis Lumière school this fall

Two years ago I was filmng the shooting of the movie « 20 ans d’écart » poster, directed by David Moreau, with Virginie Efira and Pierre Niney in the brand new « Cité du Cinéma » and in this great studio inside the famous french cinema school « Louis Lumière »… And I wondered how it would be cool to be a student here ?


So today I receive my admission for a one month internship in the « Louis Lumière » school for an improvement of directing, lightning and all necessary things to achieve a fiction movie project. I am really impatient, to go back in « Cité du Cinéma »,  to studying again for a while and learn new techniques to improve my art.

It will be a good start to achieve my first fiction short movie project « Origami » that I am preparing with my friend Kremena Nikolova.

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