Yordan Parushev Foundation

During the summer of 2012, I created a contemporary art foundation that bears the name of my father, the artist Yordan Parushev.

Its main aim is focused on the dissemination and popularization of the life, art work and public life involvement of the painter Yordan Parushev. The foundation is actively working on the creation of a fund, electronic archive, and website as well as participation in various art exhibitions, festivals and cultural fora. Among one of the important aims of the foundation is the organization of a prestigious national competition for young talent through the establishment of the Yordan Parushev Prize.

The foundation also strives to support and further develop the Bulgarian national heritage. It actively participates in all cultural activities in the town of Sliven where it aims to stimulate and enrich the art life of this unique Bulgarian town.

«Yordan Parushev Foundation» is also in the official register of cultural organizations of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

The foundation has its own branch in Paris. Thus, with its presence on the international art stage, the foundation can avail itself of the protection of French law and generate new projects and artistic output.

To learn more please visit our official web site : www.yordan-paroushev.org

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