Let’s go to green !

Last week I was shooting a couple of short funny videos for Total in studio.   The green screen was a good challenge for my camera URSA, but I must say, I am amazed by the Pro Res 4444 12 bits ! The keying capabilities of this camera are just […]

Ire, new music video and teaser

Guess what are we shooting during the night between the 30th and 31th of december in the dirty parking of my building ? A music video of course !   My bulgarian friend singer Ire will release her new album in february, so we decided to shoot some cool footage […]

Blackmagic URSA, new 4K Cinema equipement just arrived !

Yeah ! It’s a really GREAT day, I just received my brand new cinema camera, the BLACKMAGIC URSA ! This heavy beast, offers to me new perspectives and possibilities : with the 4K  4:4:4 12 bits, great « cinematographic » picture look, pro sound features, and some other improvements, this is for […]

Let’s filming abroad !

Sometimes corporate filming is much more exciting than it sounds ! Few days Ago we complete a shooting for Zoetis in London and Brussels for parisian agency DAJM. It was intense and tiring but it allowed me to travel a bit, and that’s irreplaceable! Soon I will add the final […]

Saint Laurent

What a good surprise ! EuropaCorp asks me to edit a new short version of a trailer for their next movie « Saint Laurent » on the screens in france from 24th September ! Check the long trailer here !

The Homesman – short trailer

Today is certainly not a lazy sunday… I am editing right now a short trailer of the next movie directed by Tomy Lee Jones The Homesman presented in the official selection of Festival de Cannes next month.   A cup of espresso coffee, and a good movie…  a sunday dream !


It is always very moving to see his name on the clap of a film shoot !   This is on the movie set of the shooting of « Bête à concours » directed by Christophe Sailly


Just to remind you that these four beautiful postcards from my project, with the great dancers Allister Madin, Sarah Kora Dayanova and Claire Gandolfi (Opera de Paris), are available for sale in some outlets in Paris and Sofia, or by contacting me directly.

Shai Sebbag & Adrien Janiak album cover

Yesterday I photographed my guitarist friend Shai Sebbag and one of the best ukulele players in France, Adrien Janiak in the basement of my building for the cover of their new album! Believe me listen to play in such a context was spectacular!