Out of Stage Project

This is the beginning of a very important project for me. I called it : « Out of Stage Project ». It’s an artistic project with professional dancers in original locations accross Europe.

« Out of Stage » project was born from the frustration of seeing pictures of dance, a new passion for me, always in the context of the performance on stage or in rehearsal . Light sets, the angle of view, everything is so predictable. I wondered what kind of images we will get if these talented dancers performs in the streets, on roofs, in factories or at the water’s edge by applying a fashion or advertising strong light and not the classical stage lights.

Close collaboration with dancers from the Paris Opera, HET,  and the National Ballet Sofia ballet or Bordeaux, allowed me to create multiple series or attempting to break the conventional codes of dance. Through frozen in unusual venues movements, the grace and beauty of the body was found and fixed in black and white to give a more universal and timeless appearance.
The enthusiasm of the dancers encouraged me to also set up the shooting of a film that expresses the same idea as in the photographs , to be continued…

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