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Out of Stage Projects conferences in Bulgaria

This winter I gave several lectures about my Out of Stage Project in universities and art galleries in Bulgaria. It was nice to share my experience and to be in contact with the public and photography students. Thank you to the organizers and the many onlookers who came to hear me.

Out of Stage Project goes to the north

This fall I decided to change my mind in northern Europe via Bonn, to the Hague and Amsterdam to photograph Remi Wortmeyer,  Erica Horwood and Megan Zimny Kaftira, wonderful prime dancers in HET, Netherlands. You can see a complete gallery of the project here    Thank you to the brave dancers who fought a […]

Out of Stage Project goes to the seaside

Out of Stage Project was in Etretat yesterday !    It was an amazing day with my very good friends, the dancers from the Opera de Paris Fanny Gorse and  Allister Madin. It was the kind of moment in my photographer life where I know that I am exactly in the right place with […]

D.O.P on Bête à concours

This is my first serious project as Director of photography in a fiction project. The short movie is directed by Christophe Sailly. You can watch the final result here :  Bête à concours

Out of Stage Project

This is the beginning of a very important project for me. I called it : « Out of Stage Project ». It’s an artistic project with professional dancers in original locations accross Europe. « Out of Stage » project was born from the frustration of seeing pictures of dance, a new passion for me, always […]

Shooting for Helena Rubinstein

It was an amazing shooting with a very good staff in the famous parisian studio Daguerre ! The advertising campaign is for North America and Asia. You can watch the final shots here