IMDB says

Today IMDB suggest me to create this pro card with my best starmeter score. I don’t like this kind of numbers but just feeling nostalgic about the festivals we went with my 1st feature length movie Timeless Beauty. Next project is upcoming anyway…

Out of Stage Project is back

Since few weeks I started to work on this very long and personal project with new dancers. Here are the words of Elsa Godard : « Restaging the world ». This is what Deyan Parouchev does with his « Out of stage project ». Making dancers take their Art out […]

American Premiere

BREAKING NEWS American Premiere for Timeless Beauty!! Extremely happy to announce that Timeless Beauty is selected in the fabulous Seattle Film Festival (SIFF)! The movie will be screened 3 times from 31st of may until 7th of June. Check the festival program for more information here !

Media Coverage around Sofia Film Fest 2019

During the Sofia IFF 2019, I was pleased to be very demanded by the national medias in Bulgaria. Here are few of the best links (in bulgarian) : bTV Morning Show (1st Bulgarian private TV channel) bTV Cinema show (1st Bulgarian private TV channel) BNT (Bulgarian National Television) BNR (Bulgarian […]

D.O.P on Algerian’s flowers

I was called on the project of a dear friend of mine Rositsa Trayanova to be the cinematographer on her new short film based on the novel of Marguerite Duras « Algerians Flowers ». Now this little piece of art is multi selected in a bunch of festivals around the world.

Media Luna New Films

We are now proud to announce that the german company Media Luna New Films is representing worldwide my feature length documentary Timeless Beauty. You can expect to see the movie appear in some awesome festivals around the world. Thank you Media Luna for the trust and passion you guys share […]


These days, the page of Timeless Beauty and also my own  were updated on IMDB. This is THE MOST important web site on the planaet about cinema! Have a look : Timeless Beauty & Deyan Parouchev

Cannes 2018

Cannes… What should I say… It’s the biggest film festival in the world and I am here to present for the very 1st time my movie. We are not in the competition, but it’s BIG enough to be proud and glad to show the movie in the most iconic place: […]

Out of Stage Project in Sofia

My photographic and video art project is still alive!!! After the VIF festival in France and the Bulgarian month of photography, the exhibition of Out of Stage Project will be presented in a very cool little place in Sofia called Gifted. If you are around come to visit us from […]