PouvoART d’achat

Iglika Christova equipped with a shopping cart filled with his works meets the camera of Deyan Parouchev in emblematic places of the consumer society and the world of finance. They ask their way romance between contemporary art and the market, trying to find out who the image of the artist or the work premium in today’s art world. In short, they are wondering what is the status of the creator of these days…

Indeed, today an artist who « does not know how to sell himself » does not exist in the contemporary art market or in the eyes of art critics. In addition, if he manages to make a few works, he was asked to produce regularly for mercantile purposes . Like in the movies, the number of entries is a guarantee of quality for the media and almost forget to look at the quality of the works presented to the public. The artist becomes a kind of  » specialist in marketing and communication of contemporary art  » while hiding behind noble ideas and socio-political concepts.

Sell ​​his own image, as a supposed guarantee product quality brand, has become for some in the most important art of communicating the works themselves. This is from what conclusion did this series of photographs. From the Place Vendome to La Défense, across a supermarket and, abandoned factory, a sex shop, an open space, a shopping center or a landfill. All stages from conception to production and to consumption are represented.

In these stagings, Iglika Christova looking ironically to sell his own image to denounce, with lightness, the hypocrisy of some players in the art market which it proposes to sell her works.