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Interview (in french)

Do you want to learn what motivates me in my career and how I decide to move on being a director of photography ? The team from « Y’a comme un air » asked me some very interesting question about my philosophy of esthetic, career steps, inspirations in this 10 minutes interview. […]

Analysis of my D.O.P work, by Filmstro

Here is the link to read the new post on the Filmstro blog page  » Breakdown of the cinematography of the film ‘Blanc sur la comète’   I share some information about camera, lenses, light set ups and philosophy of work. Check out the Filmstro web site to learn more […]

The ARRI Alexa experience !

I just finished my movie director master class in the famous french superior national school Louis Lumiere.   This was an exceptional experience, I had the opportunity to met a lot of professional people from the world of fiction cinema, and also to work in studio decors, with a great […]

Cameraman at the Opera de Paris, Palais Garnier

Few times per year, the Parisian Opera Garnier calls me to be cameraman on lyric productions.   I feel very lucky to be a part of this huge magic machine, surrounded by spectacular hall and the painting of Chagall on the ceiling.The cameras are from the 90’s but it does […]

Student Again ! Internship in the famous Louis Lumière school this fall

Two years ago I was filmng the shooting of the movie « 20 ans d’écart » poster, directed by David Moreau, with Virginie Efira and Pierre Niney in the brand new « Cité du Cinéma » and in this great studio inside the famous french cinema school « Louis Lumière »… And I wondered how it would […]

Let’s filming abroad !

Sometimes corporate filming is much more exciting than it sounds ! Few days Ago we complete a shooting for Zoetis in London and Brussels for parisian agency DAJM. It was intense and tiring but it allowed me to travel a bit, and that’s irreplaceable! Soon I will add the final […]

A very pleasant way to work…

Sometimes our work is truly amazing … Few days ago, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Saint-Malo in Bretagne, to film the boat « Le conservateur »  of the skipper Yannick Bestaven. Thank you to Gunsmoke agency and Clement Magnin for this exciting opportunity

A big spot, a giant umbrella, and a very nice shooting

Few days ago we improvised a shooting in a very interesting spot near Paris. This old building of Pathé cinema studios really inspired us! It was a great opportunity to test my new giant 2,20m umbrella Westcott. Thank you to Mary, the model, Laura Westermeyer, the make up and hair artist […]


It is always very moving to see his name on the clap of a film shoot !   This is on the movie set of the shooting of « Bête à concours » directed by Christophe Sailly